Your South Florida Concrete Preparation Services

Concrete Floor Restoration FloridaAt Southeast Floor Prep we are licensed and insured Florida concrete preparation specialists. Southeast Floor Prep has prided itself in having the best team, technology and equipment to provide the best floor possible. The same equipment used in the preparation of concrete for coating installation is also incorporate in the polishing process. Southeast Floor Prep has prepared concrete floors for coating application for a variety of businesses including restaurant kitchens, distribution plants and parking structures.

Preparing Concrete Floors
Before preparing your concrete floor for coatings application, it is essential that you determine the concrete surface profile (CSP) required for the material application. The Southeast Floor Prep team will analyze your flooring and make a determination on the correct concrete surface profile. These are typical guidelines used by Southeast Floor Prep which have are used as an industry standard by the International Concrete Repair Institute

These are just the beginning steps of naturally preparing your concrete for coatings application. Choosing professionals such as Southeast Floor Prep will not only give you an experienced team, but also specialists in the field of concrete floors. Contact Southeast Floor Prep today and receive a quote.

Our South Florida Concrete Preparation Services Includes:

– Concrete floor paint will only be applied to dry concrete or cement screened surfaces.
– Any dirt, dust or other loose / friable materials will be removed.
– Any concrete surface contaminants such as oils, grease and anyr other past spillages or old floor polish residues etc. will be removed.
– On new fully hardened concrete and cement screed surfaces any curing agent residues or any cement will be removed.
– The concrete or cement screed substrates must be sufficiently thick, sound and strong enough to meet your service requirements. Existing floor strength will be checked.
– All existing de-bonded, loose or flaking floor paints will be removed (some firmly adhering, sound existing floor paints can be overcoated, but only with an appropriate type of floor paint product – So this depends on the type of existing materials and your future floor paint performance requirements.
– By following these relatively simple procedures above for concrete surface preparation on concrete floors and cement floors, you will be assured our Florida concrete preparation experts will provide a successful floor prep job.

More information and details on exactly how to do this assessment and preparation are given in each of the sections below – But if you have any concerns or additional questions, please do not hesitate to call any of our offices and one of our floor painting specialists will be happy to assist you with your specific project requirements.

Concrete Cleaning and Surface Preparation in South Florida

For most Florida concrete light duty floor painting projects, the three most important criteria are: ensuring that the concrete or cement floor is fully cured (hardened), that it is dry, plus ensuring that the surface has been finished correctly.

Curing, Hardening & Drying-out for Floor Painting:

This means that a concrete floor slab must always be a minimum of 28 days old before any floor painting work is carried out – this is always provided they are indoors, protected and not exposed to rainfall, or water run-off etc.

For larger areas and thicker concrete floor slabs, as used for the normal medium to heavy duty service requirements, in most institutional, retail, commercial and industrial premises, the concrete can actually take much longer to dry out. – For example a new 200mm thick ground floor concrete slab can take up to a full year to dry out which is the maximum recommended for the application of any vapor tight resin floor paint.

However, there are now floor systems, such as our range of water based epoxy floor paints that are suitable for earlier application. This is because whilst they are waterproof, they are also vapour permeable, meaning that the concrete can continue to dry out under the freshly applied fully bonded floor paint. We can also use additional drying equipment and special water reducing admixtures in the concrete using a special moisture barrier system from us.

Our Florida Concrete Preparation Contractors Provide These Services

  • Concrete Floor Preparation
  • Concrete Floor Resurfacing
  • Concrete Natural Preparation
  • Concrete Coating Preparation
  • Concrete Sealer Preparation
  • Driveway Repair Preparation
  • Concrete Driveway Preparation
  • Concrete Paint Preparation
  • Concrete Flooring Preparation
  • Concrete Staining Preparation
  • Epoxy Concrete Preparation
  • Concrete Epoxy Floor Prep

We Provide Concrete Preparation in the Following Areas:

Daytona, FL | Fort Lauderdale, FL | Fort Myers, FL | Jacksonville, FL | Miami, FL | Orlando, FL | Tallahassee, FL | Tampa, FL | West Palm, FL

Why South Florida Should Hire Us For Their Concrete Preparation

At Southeast Floor Prep, our expert South Florida concrete preparation professionals will perform your concrete preparation flawlessly

, what we do for concrete restoration is unique. We offer expert solutions to gain visual appeal, functionality and return on investment for your home or business. The South Florida concrete restoration products we use are time proven; specialized cement overlay products which are designed to be at least twice as tough as most concrete. They both chemically and physically bond to your concrete with a super strong hold that will not come loose! We developed this process many years ago as a favor to a concrete contractor who was stuck on a half badly poured and finished commercial job. He needed the bad half to match the good one. We have since found out that hardly anyone else has figured out how to properly administer this innovative concrete restoration process. At Southeast Floor Prep, however, our concrete restoration experts have mastered it.

We are different from most concrete restoration companies you may have heard of in that we are dedicated to provide you with professionally resurfaced concrete that looks better than new without the need for completely replacing your driveway, concrete floors, patio or other concrete surfaces.

If you are interested in decorative concrete solutions, we also offer concrete and asphalt stamping services that can transform your driveway to look as though it were made of brick pavers. We have completed high end concrete design and decorative asphalt projects for customers throughout South Florida and the surrounding areas that have placed Southeast Floor Prep in the top 10% of skilled craftsmen in our nation. When it comes to decorative concrete and concrete restoration services, you can count on us for reliable, time-tested results and the best quality around.

If you are looking for a Concrete Floor Restoration Company in South Florida then please call toll free at 1-877-GRINDFLOOR (1-877-474-6335) or locally at 561-748-7754 or complete our online request form.